Advanced Endodontics Of Houston

Advance Technology

At Advanced Endodontic of Houston, we pride ourselves on providing endodontic care at the forefront of innovation and technology. We employ advanced technologies to enhance the quality of care for our patients. Such advances include an operating microscope, digital radiography, ultrasonic instrumentation and fiber optic technologies.

Surgical Operating Microscope

Our practice is equipped with surgical microscopes. The enhanced magnification and illumination of the operating microscope allows superior visualization of the finest detail in the tooth structure, thereby allowing us to perform the highly technical aspect of the endodontic treatment with precision.

Electronic Apex Locator

The Electronic Apex Locator is among other technologies that facilitates predictable non-surgical endodontic treatment. The incorporation of electronic Apex Locator allows accurate computer measurement of root canals during endodontic treatment, thereby accelerating the procedure while reducing the need for additional radiographs.


Ultrasonics are among the other technological advancements that have opened up entirely new vistas for the successful treatment of both surgical and non-surgical cases. These sophisticated units are used to remove post and uncover the dystrophically calcified portions of the chamber to gain access to the canals. Ultrasonic instruments are also used for retrocavity preparation of the root end during microsurgical intervention.

Nickel- Titanium Instruments

In our practice, instrumentation of root canal is facilitated by files made of a unique alloy of Nickel-Titanium. The extreme flexibility of the Nickel-Titanium files preserves the anatomy of the root canal by following the canal path resulting in efficiency, predictability, and improved clinical results of endodontic treatment of significantly curved canals.

Digital Radiography

Our practice utilizes an advanced computerized imaging system called “Computed Dental Radiography”. This highly sophisticated imaging system provides an immediate digital image of the tooth during treatment while dramatically reducing the amount of patient exposure to radiation.